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Do You Want Them to Tell You or the Internet? Part 2 of 2
Do You Want Them to Tell You or the Internet? Part 2 of 2

Do You Want Them to Tell You or the Internet? Part 2 of 2

Cleveland, Ohio
June 02, 2017 07:54am | Updated: December 23, 2017 08:34am

art-1 of this post demonstrated the importance of customer reviews to improve retention and grow your business. In Part-2 of this post will outline an Actionable 6-Point Satisfaction Rating Scale that will:
Demonstrate the Importance of Customer Satisfaction to Your Team
Define What Each Rating Means to Your Business (& Their Job)
What Action to Take with the Results to Improve Retention & Grow Your Business

Actionable 6-Point Satisfaction Rating Scale
The dreaded 1-Star Rating is as low as they can go. At this point, your now ex-customer is angry or even livid at their experience. Typically, they will not only never buy from you again they will tell everyone that will listen exactly how terrible you are. Unfortunately, in today’s digital age, everyone that will listen includes actively posting negative ratings and writing negative reviews online that can and probably will be found by your Next New Customers searching for your solution months and even years from now.

Managing an angry customer in the digital age can require a significant investment in time and money and is a topic too large to cover here. Our “general guidelines” are to first and foremost make sure you can find out about it before they tell the internet. Then begin or take the conversation “offline” and fix the problem if you can. But remember, you can’t please everyone which is why it is so critical to have a system in place to generate positive reviews on a regular basis to counter the effects of the negative review that will pop up from time to time. A few negative reviews among a growing list of positive reviews will actually add to your online creditability.

A disappointing 2-Star Rating defines your soon to be ex-customer as “very dissatisfied”. They will not buy from you again and worse will tell others, even those that don’t ask about their experience they had with you. This is better than your 1-Star customer telling the internet but still requires some work on your part. Same rules apply, make sure you find out about their dissatisfaction first and start or take the conversation “offline” to fix the problem if you can.

A 3-Star Rating on a 5 point scale is a tie. On a 6-point scale, a 3-Star rating is less than 50% providing actionable guidance indicating your Customer is “less” than satisfied. Customers that provide a 3-Star Rating will tell anyone who asks about their experience they had with you. Further, they will be keeping an eye out for and will probably compare other options to your solution before they buy again. They will only buy from you again if they can’t find a better solution or if you take additional action.

4-Star Ratings are above 50% and indicates a satisfied customer. Satisfied customers will usually buy again but may compare other options before they do. They may recommend you only if someone asks. One way to encourage future orders and recommendations is to ask customers that provide 4-star ratings to provide a written testimonial or review online or directly to you. Even if they decide not to provide a written review they know you care about their satisfaction because you asked and this will help generate future orders and recommendations.

5-Star Ratings indicate they are “Very-Satisfied” with their experience and will volunteer recommendations to anyone that asks. They will almost certainly be willing to write a testimonial or review. At the very least you can write a testimonial based on what they tell you and ask their permission to publish on your blog or website. Once they provide you with a testimonial it is very unlikely they will buy from anyone else.

Congratulations you have struck gold, 6-Star Ratings have value if you have a system in place to put it to work for you. 6-Star Ratings tells us you that you have a potential Evangelist that can advocate for you and your business. They may do it for you but they are also motivated for their own benefit. This may sound counter-intuitive at first, but everyone loves to brag about their newest purchase, best value or being the first in the neighborhood to join. You can put this to work for you by creating a system, process or channel to help them help you grow your business.

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