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2-Free Strategies with Important Tactics to Get Found Online Part-1 of 2
2-Free Strategies with Important Tactics to Get Found Online Part-1 of 2

2-Free Strategies with Important Tactics to Get Found Online Part-1 of 2

Cleveland, Ohio
September 22, 2017 11:43am | Updated: December 16, 2017 11:50am

our Next New Customer is using social media channel(s) of their choice for reasons that are important to them. For example, Facebook users generally like to keep up with family, friends and classmates. LinkedIN is popular with professionals engaged in advancing their careers or growing their business.

Discover your Next New Customers favorite social media channel and publish to it with content they will want to engage with. Each social media channel has it’s own audience type and chances are your audience is on multiple channels. So use market research, demographic usage data, social trends, hire a marketing agency or just ask your customers. They’ll tell you, in fact they love to share, sharing is the one favorite activity that is common across all social networking channels.

This post will discuss 2-free strategies including important tactics to get found online along with one critical question you need to ask to begin.

One Critical Question to Ask Before You Begin . . .
One critical question to ask your Customers. If don’t have customers yet, ask potential clients or hold a focus group of people that fit your ideal Next New Customer persona. It’s a simple yet powerful open-ended question. Tell me the question already . . .

What is your favorite social media channel? Most people I ask immediately respond Facebook then follow on with “I’m on it waaaay toooo much. Now you have a conversation started that provides you an opportunity to follow up with anything else you need to know such as why do you use (insert favorite social media channel here). Track where your customers spend their time online then invite them to follow, like or connect with you on your company page on their favorite social media channel.

Build an Audience on Your Next New Customers Favorite Social Media Channels
The goal is to build an audience of people that care about what you care about. Social Media users also take part in different communities that believe what they believe and care about similar interests. People are online 24/7 searching social media channels for a multitude of reasons. One common reason is to solve a problem or improve the quality of their lives.

Will My Connections See All My Posts?
Not anymore but when a current connection engages with your post it is very likely some or all their social sphere may have an opportunity to see your post greatly extending your reach still, at no cost today. Social networks were free at the beginning but it is our opinion the future is going to evolve into “pay-to-play” to get your post noticed on social networking channels. Building an audience for free now will give you an edge over your competition in the future.

Don’t Build on Rented Land
Social media channels have their own reason for being usually to get as many eyeballs on their site as possible to sell adverts to generate revenue for them not promote posts for us. Social media channels are constantly changing their features and terms of service to benefit them of course. Therefore, you want to own and control the site your Next New Customers visits so you can control your own destiny. Didn’t you just tell me to build an audience on social media channels? Yes, we did but the tactic you use here is critical. You want to build an audience on your Next New Customers favorite social media channel to extend your reach then it is critically important to invite and provide your connections a reason to subscribe to a site you own and control like a blog.

Give Your Social Media Connections a Reason to Visit You on a Site You Own and Control
Your audience will be much more valuable over the long term if they subscribe to a site you own and control. Give them a reason to visit your site such as valuable information they care about to solve a problem or improve the quality of their lives. You can even use polls, surveys or even contests to encourage them to visit.

Provide a Compelling Reason to Engage
When they visit be sure to provide easy to find engagement tools that do not interrupt their visit. Invite them to subscribe or provide other compelling reasons for them to engage with your site such as a call to action, easy to use share tools so they can share your content with their social sphere or extend an invitation to an upcoming event.

Stay Top of Mind
Your Next New Customer wants to buy when they want to buy not when you want to sell. Your goal is to be top of mind when something triggers a real or created need (such as one of your posts) or they have an opportunity to help someone in their social sphere by referring you. Publish regularly but not too often. Your publishing frequency totally depends on your audience needs. Some publish 3 times a day but that can begin to feel like SPAM and make it difficult to maintain an audience. One post per week on a regular schedule can allow you to stay top of mind but not push people away with too much content. Publishing at a regularly scheduled date and time can help you build a following with your audience anticipating your wisdom and guidance.

Stay tuned next week for the second strategy of 2-Free Strategies with Important Tactics to Get Found Online. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank You!

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