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7 Critical Components of a Digital Age Marketing Plan, Part-5
7 Critical Components of a Digital Age Marketing Plan, Part-5

7 Critical Components of a Digital Age Marketing Plan, Part-5

Cleveland, Ohio
August 18, 2017 01:51pm | Updated: December 16, 2017 01:55pm

ou can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. If you cannot satisfy them you are not only doing them a disservice you are also putting your brand equity at risk. In the analog days, unsatisfied customers would tell a handful in their social sphere. In the digital age, they tell the internet.

You put your reputation at risk every time you don’t ensure you can satisfy your customer during your qualification process. It is often better to redirect them to another provider instead of risking a negative rating or review.

Every business, professional firm and nonprofit organization is unique and requires special considerations especially when it comes to marketing in the digital age. All of these organizations do have the same 7 critical components in common if they want to grow their organizations. Critical Component number 5 is “redirecting unsatisfiable customers” can be controversial if not managed properly.

The Risk if You Don’t
In the analog days of marketing studies showed unsatisfied customers would tell a handful of 8-12 people in their social sphere. In the digital age of marketing, they tell the internet. The consequences of this tectonic shift in behavior is so massive you don’t even have to do the math. Customer satisfaction in the digital age is absolutely critical to your success.

Every Organization is Different
Every organizaion is different so it stands to reason you can provide a satifying solution most of the time but some times there may be another provider that has a different process or specialty equipment that might suit some customers better. If you are not sure you can satisfy them you may want to consider referring them to another provider instead of taking the risk of damaging your reputation.

Redirect Satisfiable Customers
Dear John, it's not you it's me . . . Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye before you begin. The one thing you don’t want to do is discriminate against an individual or group. Recommending another provider for a specific reason says you are not the solution they are looking for and is a powerful way to set their expectations if they decide to proceed anyway. Other methods are increasing the price to accommodate the higher level of service required and increasing the delivery time to ensure success.

A Win-Win Relationship
Whatever you do you must have a Win-Win relationship with your customers in the digital age or you are putting your reputation at risk. Sales and marketing has always been challenging especially for professionals none more so than physicians. Physicians have dedicated a lifetime of education and experience and accomplish miracles with patients every day. But if an orthopedic patient doesn’t follow the therapy plan or the heart attack patient doesn’t quit smoking the patient is not going to recover and tends to blame the physician. The uncooperative patient sucks up time from other patients they would otherwise be using to help others more dedicated to their recovery.

The Best Part About Sales
The best part about sales is you get to set the expectations. If they don’t understand and agree with the expectations you set it may be wise to pass on a sale. When discussing the quality of his work I recently had a painter tell me he was a 9 out of 10 on paint and a much lower 6 out of 10 on staining woodwork. If woodwork is important to me and a 6 out of 10 is not high enough he might have just lost a sale but his reputation in intact.

They Expect it to Work the First Time or They’re Gone
You don’t get very many second chances in the digital age. More Boomers are retiring everyday leaving the younger Millennials the largest part of the purchasing economy. Millennials spend a lot of money but they expect your solution to work the first time and if it doesn’t they have no problem telling the internet.

When They Want it All . . .  
When they want it all you don’t want them. All solutions have the same 3 primary components, service, quality and price. Apple Computer creates high quality products you can download or have shipped fast. FedEx delivers speed and quality (read: reliable) service. Walmart advertises the lowest price and 80% of the population is 20 minutes away from one of their stores for a speedy purchase.

Whether you let your customer decide or you decide when it comes to service, quality and price they can have 2 out of the 3 for a win-win relationship. When they insist on 3 out of 3 it is time to redirect them to another provider. Attempting to satisfy them can cost you more, much more than any revenue they generate if they flame you on social media or review sites.

Reduces Quality of Service and Satisfaction to Other Customers
Unsatisfied customers tend to suck up time and other resources penalizing other more profitable customers interested in a long-term win-win relationship with you. It’s your business so you get to decide. Another way to determine if you can have a win-win relationship is to ask at the beginning of the sales process if they will be willing to give you a rating or review after the sale. Their answer will speak volumes.

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