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How to Make Your Blog More Engaging to Grow Your Audience
How to Make Your Blog More Engaging to Grow Your Audience

How to Make Your Blog More Engaging to Grow Your Audience

Cleveland, Ohio
April 20, 2017 09:23am | Updated: December 23, 2017 09:27am

ttracting blog visitors is important but the real objective is to attract a repeat audience to add value to your organization and extend your reach. Somebody that visits your blog is a window shopper, a visitor that engages or interacts with your site is much more likely to not only become a repeat audience member but more importantly become your Next New Customer. Read on to discover 7 simple ways to encourage your site visitors to engage with your site.

First, be sure to select topics your Next New Customer is interested in and present them in such a way to help them solve a problem or improve the quality of their life. Second, speak their language, don’t use industry jargon or techno speak.

Back up your story with data every chance you can. Testimonials and third person quotes will add social proof. Carefully wrap your information, data and social proof in a story that will encourage your audience to continue reading and share your post.

Don’t publish and simply hope your visitors will know what to do after they have read your newest creation. Determine what you want your visitors to do before you write and ask them in the form of an invitation or call to action.

Offer Checklists
You have forgotten more about your specialty than your Next New Customer probably wants to know. They do want to know “how” to accomplish certain tasks in certain situations. This is especially true in emergencies and infrequent situations. Offer a checklist they would find valuable as a download with an option to subscribe to your blog site. An accountant might create a checklist of documents required to file taxes. Insurance agents could provide a checklist of what to do in case of an accident.

Create Ebooks
Ebooks are extremely popular to download because they promise a 52,000 foot overview of a concept in a casual, visual magazine-like style. Be sure to make extensive use of big images with headlines, sub-heads and bullet points to keep the attention of your time-strapped audience.

Publish White Papers
White papers are typically focused on a single topic. They are usually longer than an Ebook, linear and more researched incorporating more text than images. They will also include the source data and research you used to form your conclusions. White papers are more formal and written with a scholarly tone.

Invite Your Audience to Contribute
You don’t have to do all the writing yourself, invite your audience to participate. Post an interesting photograph and ask your visitors to submit a Photo Caption. Involve your audience in the research as you are gathering data for future posts.

Internal or Deep Linking
Linking to other posts on your site that contains or elaborates on information relating to the same or similar subject is an excellent method to increase the time your visitors stay on your site. The more valuable information your visitors find, the more opportunities you will have to convert them to regular audience members. The fact that search engines like links is an added benefit.

Ask a Question
If imitation is the highest form of flattery asking your audience for their opinion is a close second. It can be something as simple as “Let me know what you think?”, “Do you agree or disagree?” or “How are you going to incorporate this information to solve a problem or improve the quality of your life?” Everybody has an opinion so ask your audience if you forgot anything or what else they would include. Asking a question is an excellent way to begin a conversation. Conversations lead to engagement.

Make Sure They Know You Are Approachable, Encourage Feedback
At the very least summarize your post in the final paragraph and invite your visitor to take the action of your choice to engage with your blog. Ask and you will receive, give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

With almost 5 Billion searches done every day on search engines alone, chances are your Next New Customer is searching for your solution right now. Will they find and engage with you or your competition? Let me know your favorite method to engage visitors with your content?

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