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The Number One Thing You Can do to Get Found Online
The Number One Thing You Can do to Get Found Online

The Number One Thing You Can do to Get Found Online

Cleveland, Ohio
November 07, 2017 10:41am | Updated: December 16, 2017 10:46am

he internet is a BIG place growing at a massive rate. Even though recorded history has been around for over 2,000 years a 2017 study by IBM reports 90% of the data on the internet was created since 2016. The question we get asked every day is “how can my Next New Customer find me in all that data”? This is a critical question for anyone that wants to grow their organizations in the digital age. There are many on-page and off-page strategies and tactics that can be used. This article will focus on on-page strategy.

The search engines have improved their guidelines for on-page search engine optimization or SEO in recent years. Following their on-page guidance is important to start. But on-page guidelines will only get you so far. This article will demonstrate the number one thing you can do to get found online.

The Number One Thing You Can do to Get Found Online Is . . .

Publishing fresh content on a regular schedule to keep your site fresh, tell the search engines your site is alive and well and creates an increasingly more valuable repository of information. Publishing on a regular schedule helps the search engines to know the best time to crawl your site for new information. If you are publishing fresh content once a week the search engines seem to get familiar with your publishing schedule and it almost seems like they anticipate your posts. 

Deep Linking
Another on-page tactic is called deep linking. Writing posts on a regular basis you will naturally create overlapping and supporting information on a topic or subject in other posts that can support your current post. Instead of repeating yourself and creating duplicate content create links from one post on your site to another. Search engines still love links.

At least 1 image must be included with every post because it is usually the image that will attract your audience’s attention first. Without images Facebook would not exist. In recent years the search engines have been improving their image search results and even publishing images in the search results pages. Include at least one image with every post in addition to providing a caption, title and alt text to describe your image to the search engines.

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