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Profit by Managing 3-Major Disruptions Headed Your Way, Part-2
Profit by Managing 3-Major Disruptions Headed Your Way, Part-2

Profit by Managing 3-Major Disruptions Headed Your Way, Part-2

Cleveland, Ohio
October 13, 2017 11:04am | Updated: December 16, 2017 11:18am

isruptions in business can be a tremendous opportunity but, only if you are prepared. The hard part is recognizing the disruption “before” it happens. This is not always easy because disruptions can develop slowly then seem to suddenly pop-up out of nowhere especially if we are too busy working “in” our business to serve our customers today and not investing enough time working “on” our business to serve our customers tomorrow.

Discover how you can profit from 3 different disruptions that will affect your business sooner rather than later if it hasn’t begun already.

Part-1 of this article discussed the technical disruption. In Part-2 we will cover the “Demographic Disruption” headed your way. This year 2017 marks the birthday of the middle of the Baby Boomers. This means 3 years from around 2020 a majority of the Boomers will be retirement age and begin reducing their annual spending.

At about the same time the iGen (a phrase coined by Jean Twenge) will be graduating from college and entering the workforce. The iGen generation is all digital all the time and most have not even seen let alone use a corded telephone. Combined the iGen, Millennials and GenX all are predominately digital. If you can’t be found on their favorite digital channels you will be invisible to them.

The digital generations all use digital channels that have value to them to solve problems and improve the quality of their lives or the life of someone they love. Not having patience for unsolicited emails, digital ads and pop-up windows is putting it mildly. They are downright hostile to anything that gets in their way when they are searching or having a conversation online. They will switch to another site rather than navigate their way through interruptions such as pop-up windows.

Further the digital ad business is in crisis. Exhibit-A is ad blocking software increasingly being deployed by the digital generations. You can search for anything and get an answer back from a search engine in seconds, all for free but people hate ads so much they are blocking them. Ad blocking software is so popular Google has built their own version. Think about it, fully 90% of Google’s revenue comes from digital advertising and Google has their own digital ad blocking software. Ostensibly to be able to display the ads they want you to see (read: profit from).

So how can small and medium sized business (SMB’s), professional firms and non-profits profit from Demographic Disruption? Find the channels your Next New Customer is using and get on them so they can find you. Publish compelling content that helps them solve problems or improve the quality of their lives or the life of someone they love so they can like you. Engage with them ideally on a site you own and control so they can trust you.

So when they are ready to buy or make a referral you will be top of mind and have an opportunity to serve.

The next article will cover how to grow your business during the disruption being caused by massive behavior changes of your Next New Customers.



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Your next new customer has changed the way they buy . . . Have you changed the way you sell?