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Your Next New Customer Has Taken Control of the Purchasing Journey and They Aren’t Going to Give It Back
Your Next New Customer Has Taken Control of the Purchasing Journey and They Aren’t Going to Give It Back

Your Next New Customer Has Taken Control of the Purchasing Journey and They Aren’t Going to Give It Back

Cleveland, Ohio
October 30, 2017 10:47am | Updated: December 16, 2017 10:52am

mpowered by the internet your Next New Customer has changed the way they buy, is the way you sell keeping up with them? This article will define the about face in the purchasing path of your Next New Customer in the digital age of the internet and detail steps you can take today in order to take full advantage of it to grow your business.

Since the beginning of commerce Customers have always wanted to ensure they are receiving the best value in exchange for their (usually hard-earned) currency. They are constantly shopping and searching for the best buys to ensure they know when to purchase and from who. It’s human nature to want the best value and maybe just as important they also want to make sure they are not making a purchasing decision they will regret.

Tension has always existed in the marketplace because a lot of important purchase information was held and controlled by the seller. This was always frustrating to buyers because the sellers of course only promoted the benefits and positive attributes of their solution. Buyers had limited resources to determine if a particular product, service or solution would actually work for them let alone if they were paying a fair price.

The invention of the internet and the digital age released this tension (especially in the early stages of the purchasing journey) like a silent earthquake. Purchasers are not relying on sellers anymore, in fact they are screening our calls to voice mail, blocking our emails with SPAM blockers and even using ad blocking software because they hate ads. Their first step is usually search, social or review sites online. Our Next New Customers are now researching products, services and solutions from many sources including our competition, reviews by thought leaders or influencers and even your past customers they don’t even know.

This new purchasing behavior has created a titanic shift in the marketplace demonstrated by Retail Armageddon. Credit Suisse published a highly cited report predicting 25% of shopping malls are at risk of closing over the next 5 years. Time Magazine reports other analysts predicting the number will be even higher. There is no better demonstration of Retail Armageddon than right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Amazon purchased a whopping 69 Acres that use to be home to Randall Park Mall to build a fulfillment center for their highly successful ecommerce platform.

Google did a study following a car buyer through the purchasing process. After researching 14 different dealerships online she totally ruled out 12 dealerships before she left home to check out the car she felt she wanted in person. She visited her first choice armed with all the information she needed providing her the confidence to leave the dealership if she didn’t get the car she wanted at the price she wanted.

Your Next New Customer refuses to be sold, They want to buy!

The Solution
Digital Marketing allows you to get in the conversation early. It’s easier than it sounds and there are also many benefits you can enjoy that multiply in the long term. The formula or system is really very easy. Define your ideal Next New Customer in the form of a persona(s) so you know who you want to attract and how to talk to them. Build an audience of people that fit into your persona(s) on channels you own and control such as a blog or podcast. Then publish relevant information that will help them solve problems or improve the quality of their life on a regular basis.

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Your next new customer has changed the way they buy . . . Have you changed the way you sell?